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...I'm about to go off, like I never did
Cuz verbally I'm at an all-time deficit
But lyrically I'm, top-of-the-line excellent...
Since back, when I was online textin it--
The plan's always been to stick out, anemic firewood
You may wonder why-I-rap; the reason's I am good
This is an example, vicious with the ammo--
I operate from high atop the pyramid of Maslow

I'm coming from the Southside Northside Eastside Westside
WORLDWIDE! doesn't matter, I'm coming from the SOUL!!!

"There he go again with that psychobabble he likes to rattle
I wanna hear about merchandise, whose price is ample"
I wanna spit about slice of life, so try a sample--
Never had a job that paid higher heights than I could handle
...I'm try to get it though, runnin when I hit the flo
Putting thoughts together in waaays, less predictable and typical
No rude rap, I'm hot-spittable--
A nation under a groove, lyrics, indivisible


I am the very model of a modern individual--
I'm into technology and my economy's miserable--
My sentences college-y so it seems like every interval--
I'm tryina interject the philosophies of my principles
...Rather the fundamentals, you know my namesakes
Back in East & West coast beef, I rep'd the great lakes
So I never took a side, figured that my birthplace--
Is planet E-A-R-T-H, I guess--


With the flow my soul glow like orange-auroras
You on a boat? I AM an island, Bora Bora
My current goal is to get to the point I own a tour bus
I spit that fire you should "hide ya kids hide ya flora"--
She said lyrics bore her?--you should prolly ignore her
Or play the HOTtest rhyme you ever heard just to torture
...(i'll wait...) Okay I think the coast is clear
It's all of the better for me to kick to some open ears


I spit on beats like they disgust me, jump on tracks like
The 110 hiiiighs, rap to the rhythm like
Santa's little helpers, look at my top 5
You can tell I write rhyyyymes...
Ironically I call my pen Blade...the PaperMate--
Lays down the illest fate upon the bleached-skinned victim
Straight to death, no sickenin'
When I vocalized it I kilt it then left, the building


...Some say it's in the brain, just a figment--
Soon as we pass planes it blinks out of existence
Others don't believe it's there at all, say it's hocus-pocus
Don't know for certain but I'm thinking that quote is bogus
The closest that I ever get is when I'm slowly dozin'--
Used to watch the saints in church, when they were Holy-Ghostin'--
The debate is risen and dropped like it was rollercoastin'...
But I know tapping into mine's got me boldly going



released October 18, 2011
Kanye West - Southside (Instrumental)




Fundamental Los Angeles, California

I'm just a regular dude from the Midwest who moved back to his birthplace (Southern California) after graduating from college. I have been quietly pursuing the elevation of my musical/lyrical talents since 1997, and I've gotten to the point where I am looking to make Rap a profession. ... more

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