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by Fundamental

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High as the highest score by triple-A
Unobtainable and I'm staying there everyday
Think a stake is rare, check out the form I drop
When I take it there I throw up a warning shot...
I ain't gotta warm up I was born this hot--
Put me in the game I'm suicide to any enemy--
My tendencies' like a MOAB on simple Centipedes
If you care about your 1-up, no need to intervene--
I run routes like an expert wide-out
Already got the princess and I'm riding out of your hideout
...I left a little surprise though
But sometimes small packages can contain the colossal
On to the next castle to hassle the next asshole
That wanna battle the champo BOOM!
...While I blow-up yours
The warpath requires me to go up floors
As I kick in the door, who needs skeleton keys--
I defeat, ev-ery villain with, relative ease
Proceed to the master chest, I have to guess
The loot proves to me that I passed the test
Only heard my own echo when I ask who's next
I conclude my next move is to ask the 'Netz (ungh)
...And that's a dangerous play
These mudda-suckas wall-hackin and evading the ra-dar--
With that up-up-down-down-left-right business
Caught me off-guard but now I'm like, "I get this"
Breaking it down to brass tacks they-can't 1-on-1
Without a +1 on guns
I understand what it means to be numb on fun
Or wanting to be number one, but come on son
You teleport inside of my base, and capture my flag
Teleport back to your pad, then act all bad?
Okay...I'm reloaded--come do it again
Matter fact, bring two of your friends
I'm tryina get a streak going but I guess it depends
Should I go on the offensive, or should I defend?
When I finish that game, is my session to end
I could slay a couple dragons, build a couple Civs
Maybe play a little Madden--
My treasure-huntin' avatar could stand to see some action--
No matter what I'm doing I'ma do it with a passion
I think I'll write a rhyme it would be lucrative to cash in...
'N', I'ma grab a fat pen, hit up, Dominic J for beats
My SoundCloud will get prominent plays for weeks
And I ain't gotta go in, and enter waves of cheats
Cause it's all about the ways I speaK
...And that's enough said, I'd say
My game can speak for itself, when I play
...And that's enough said, I'd say
My game can speak for itself, when I play
...And that's enough said, I'd say
My game can speak for itself


released August 23, 2012
Prod. by Dominic J Marshall (




Fundamental Los Angeles, California

I'm just a regular dude from the Midwest who moved back to his birthplace (Southern California) after graduating from college. I have been quietly pursuing the elevation of my musical/lyrical talents since 1997, and I've gotten to the point where I am looking to make Rap a profession. ... more

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